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Fluorite - Yellow Tumbled

Fluorite - Yellow Tumbled


Fluorite- Fluorite is a mineral that makes order from chaos and aligns you with your higher truth. It is phenomenal in planning and helping you to understand all aspects of any quest, be it personal, professional, or spiritual. It diffuses disorganized and disruptive energy and growth and replaces it with calm rational, detached reasoning and unbiased impartiality. It has been noted as a stone for discernment and aptitude and lends to a systematic intuition, high mental achievement and limitless exploration of the mind. It increases the ability to concentrate and is very balancing for the mind. This is very stabilizing not only for mental pursuits, but also of relationships, groups and personal endeavors. It is very protective on a psychic level and tunes you into others’ tendency of mental and psychic manipulation. It can help with spiritual awareness and heightens intuitive abilities. It can connect you with the unconscious. It clears the aura and is effective against electromagnetic and geopathic stress. It encourages optimum health, intellectual and emotional well-being. It is purifying, cleansing and eliminates all disorder of the systems.   It is very effective to fight against infections and incredibly useful to help with colds, flus, strep and staph infection.

Yellow fluorite is excellent for sharpening the mind as it stimulates metal energy, clarity and agility. It also helps rejuvenate a tired mind, bringing it more into focus.  It helps build the solar plexus, helping one to feel more defined in their identity and allowing a person to better understand the difference between self and others.  This stone is also crucial in the understanding the difference between the higher and lower mind, bringing this concept into awareness.  It is excellent for stabilizing group energy and promoting positive cooperation between group members.  This is an excellent stone to gift to members of a team during team-building exercises or at the start of a joint venture.  This stone is very centering and helps one to feel confident in their own skin and respectful of their own thoughts.  As with all fluorite it brings order to chaos and is excellent with inflammation.  It is know to help find lost objects by holding it and focusing on what is lost with the stone providing information about the location of the lost object. It is excellent for support and healing of the liver and kidneys.  It has also been suggested for the regulation and production of serotonin.  It also can be used to connect with the Gold Ray.


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