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Opal, Pink - Tumbled

Opal, Pink - Tumbled


Pink Opal- Pink Opal has a soft loving energy that aligns the consciousness with the heart chakra. For those wanting to gently open and heal the heart chakra, this is a good stone to carry or wear over a period of time. It does connect with hidden emotions in the heart chakra, so it can bring up difficult emotions that need to be healed. This is particularly true of emotional pain from other lifetimes that are still carried in the psyche. This type of emotional release can bring about clearer thinking and reasoning and allow you to make decisions and plans from an intuitively connected space. It is considered to be a stone to help those awaken those on their spiritual path and aids in teaching love and non-violence. It facilitates healing on all energetic levels and assists with meditation and connecting with realms of higher consciousness. It can also be very comforting and soothing to those who are ill or in need, offering the equivalent of a loving parental energy.   It can be used to clear stagnant energy from the organs and connective tissues of the body and is soothing to the skin in the form of an elixir.

Common attributes of all opal are of an enhanced higher consciousness that help awaken your inner vision, psychic gifts and mystical qualities. It allows you to apply your gifts to the enhancement of the self and the furtherment of your consciousness. It is known to amplify all aspects of your personality inspiring you to awaken, develop and heal the lesser areas of the self. In this aspect, it is known for happiness in dreams and in changes. It is a highly creative stone, stimulating originality, ingenuity and imagination in all situations. It helps to access and express your true self and is wonderful to help you build your identity. It also has aspects of emotional healing; being that it brings unseen emotions to the surface that need to be healed. It also assists you in taking part in your own healing and owning your own emotions. It can be used to instill faithfulness and loyalty in relationships and inspires spontaneity and release of inhibitions in a positive way. Conscious direction with this stone allows you to either become invisible or extremely visible when needed.   It has been known to purify the blood, regulate insulin, ease with childbirth and assist with easing PMS.   It is also known to help with infections, disorders of the eyes and assists with Parkinson’s disease.





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