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Jasper- Orange Hearts

Jasper- Orange Hearts



Orange Jasper from Peru - This exceptional stone is a tremendous healer for the second chakra. Jasper is known as the supreme nurturer; the second chakra is where many people hold childhood or parental issues.  It is both stimulating and healing for both the chakra and the second chakra layer of the energy field.  When a person has not received compassion or love as a child or was raised by a parent who endured these same conditions, the second chakra and layer of the energy field can harden and not form properly.  This leads to many different experiences such as emotional numbness and/or pain, feelings of isolation and abandonment, codependency and/or attraction of energy vampires.  This stone rejuvenates the etheric tissues of this area and opens the path for deeper healing and awareness.  This is also a great stone for an empath as a wounded second charka can cause people to lack good boundaries, or perhaps keep them stuck in the rescuer archetype.  This stone can also help lessen the extremes of emotional responses brought on by a damaged second chakra.  This stone can be used by those who need to “think before they act” with regards to emotional responses.  An elixir made with this stone is good for those who need to temper this behavior, but sleeping with or carrying this stone works in the same way.  This stone is supportive of all second chakra physical issues including chronic lower back, bowel and colon issues and female reproductive issues.  When placed directly on the body, it can lift trauma out of the cells of the female reproductive organs.  It would appear that this stone penetrates all layers of the energy field and aligns them in a gentle yet effective way; this is good for overall healing.                  

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