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Shiva Linghams

Shiva Linghams


Linghams are Jaspers that come solely from the Narmada River in India. They are a tubular egg shape that is rounded at both ends. Traditionally they occur in this shape naturally, but modern ones can be polished due to increased demand.  They are from a holy site and are a representation of the phallus of Shiva and are worshipped as such, often being placed with a symbolic yoni.  They are grey with patterning of a deep brown-red banding.  They are the fertility and sexual symbol and contain the energy of the yang or the male principle.  They are used in sex magic and tantric practices.  It also helps to balance the union of opposites, giving a grounding quality to them.  They are also considered the “stone of the Kundalini”, and can be used to facilitate the opening of the channels along the spine.  It aids to heal the wounds of early childhood, particularly of a sexual nature, and help heal trust issues with the masculine.  They are also useful for men and women who are overly sexual and craving male sexual energy in an unbalanced way.  Using a lingham in this way helps to balance the craving for this energy.  It is also effective in this way to remove unwanted cords or imprints from past partners or unwanted suitors with invasive thoughts. It is very stimulating for the lower chakras and helps activate balance and alignment in chakras one- three.  It can pull energy from the higher chakras when one is too heavy in the upper chakras, down to a more balanced state in the lower chakras, thus having a calming effect.  It has been used in disorders of the prostate and male sexual dysfunction, including low-T.  It is also very healing for disorders of the spine and alignment of the spine. 


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