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Aventurine, White - Tumbled

Aventurine, White - Tumbled


White Aventurine is a purifier of the soul and contributes to spiritual wisdom on all levels of the energy field by connecting to the current of the spiritual layer. Its characteristics include purity of motive, selfless action, and alignment with spiritual intention. White aventurine brings in the higher self and aligns with the physical body to allow one to move with grace. This is a great stone for someone who wishes to pursue a spiritual career, as it combines the desire to work from the light with the action and fortitude to “make it happen” in third-dimensional reality. It would be a great stone to grid in a home or business to marry the spiritual and physical with the white light. While it has a very high vibration, it is not overpowering to the crown chakra, where overstimulation can cause a person to become ungrounded. White aventurine would work well with someone who wants to promote bone growth and health and may suffer from issues with brittle bones.


Aventurine - Aventurine is a usually a quartz-feldspar blend infused with mica and/or hematite, often giving the stone a sparkle or flash. It is most often found in green and red, but other colors are available, including such as blue, yellow, and white. Aventurine promotes optimization of one’s self through alignment, balance, and actualization. This stone is a mineral that can help you “be all you can be” by bringing all the different parts of you together to work as harmoniously as possible. That includes the mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, unconscious, and various subtle bodies, as well as the masculine/feminine. Aventurine is a mineral that encourages you to go for it, bringing enthusiasm, excitement for life, and positivity. While its affects are encouraging, the energy of this stone is not overly assertive or aggressive, as it works to meet you where you are. It also enhances creativity, individuality, and motivation. Aventurine is a stone that brings out leadership qualities and decisiveness, Enhancing   correct intuitive action. While stimulating inner aspects of one’s psyche, it can have a calming effect as well. Aventurine is a stone for the endocrine system and helps with regulation, particularly with glands and hormones. It also can have a calming effect on the nervous system when used in a particular way.


A beautiful tumbled stone will be intuitively hand selected for you by Pink Heart Healing based on your size selection. Origin: Brazil

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