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Agate, Black Botryoidal - Wyoming - Natural

Agate, Black Botryoidal - Wyoming - Natural


Agate, Black Botryoidal - from Wyoming - This is an intense stone that’s not for the faint of heart.  Upon holding the stone you will become immediately aware of where you hold hidden repetitive tension in your body. You will become aware of how uncomfortable it is and you will become aware that you need to do something about it fast. It will show you how you over work an area energetically and upon sitting with it in a mindful way, it will be able to absolve that tension either using your mind or by using it with another stone. This is not an easy stone to use but it is a useful one if you are able to get through the initial discomfort of the awareness. It is also useful for geopathic stress caused by electronic devices and electromagnetic fields. 

Country of Origin: USA

A beautiful piece will be selected for you by Pink Heart Healing. 

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