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Chiastolite - Tumbled

Chiastolite - Tumbled


Chiastolite - Chiastolite is instrumental in both astral and mind travel. It provides the "password" for entry as well as for "exit". This stone helps you visit areas of the universe in order to have a better understanding of the culture and terrain. If you have any unresolved mysterious occurrences, this is a great stone to aid in problem-solving and provide insight for those issues. Chiastolite is know as the "Cross-Stone" of yesteryear. It's associated with the 'evil-eye" because it's helps dispel negativity due to the devotion towards awareness. Awareness is key when seeing what negativity lies around you. This stone signifies both conditions of death and re-birth, by bringing one to the state of realization with respect to understanding both mortality and immortality. When crossing over, chiastolite provides the means of transportation on an unobstructed avenue, as well as celebratory relief when it's time to "go home" again. It can be helpful to the maintenance of spirituality during illness, lessen fevers, balance blood flow, increase the secretion of nursing mothers, and repair chromosome damage.   

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