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Hilutite - Tumbled

Hilutite - Tumbled


Hilutite - This high vibration crystal is known as the stone of positive light. It's composed of Garnet, Geothite, Quartz, and Zircon making this one of the rarest stones on Earth. This stone offers a fresh perspective on ones view of the world, opening the heart and eyes so that one sees past the superficial needs of themselves and others. One feels more empathy and compassion with Hilulite and is beneficial when seeking to reestablish the higher-self and ignite the spark of passion. This stone aids in aura purification, provides a sense of safety, emotional stability and facilitates healing on all levels. This stone raises ones vibrational frequency to a higher level and helps open the Heart Chakra which in turn, aids in channeling the unconditional love of the divine source. It helps clear the heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras. Lastly, Hilutite reduces stress and calms the nerves.

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