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Obsidian, Snowflake - Tumbled

Obsidian, Snowflake - Tumbled


Snowflake Obsidian-  Excellent for recognizing unwanted patterns in one’s life and re-creating one’s thoughts to positively eliminate these patterns, thus correcting faulty thinking. It is considered a stone of purity, bringing the energy of purity and balance to all the bodies of the energy field. It is wonderful for those who suffer from loneliness and isolation, helping you to find the empowerment of those experiences when used in meditation or simply carrying them with you with the intention.  It is a great to calm the mind through the storm of the mental isolation, helping you to realize your mind is connected to a universal energy and you are never really alone.  It also can soften the layers of the energy field around the body, helping you to release a nervous tension and acquire a softer, more relaxed feeling.  It can help you to value all the experiences in your life, mistakes as well as successes.  In elixir form, it is good to heal the skin and eyes.  It could also be used for hypertension and high blood pressure. 

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