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Prasiolite - Green Amethyst - Tumbled

Prasiolite - Green Amethyst - Tumbled


Prasiolite - Green Amethyst - Prasiolite brings one to appreciation, approval, and acclaim. It further promotes the recognition of one's accomplishments and furthers the completion of one's accomplishments. This stone, known as the "celestial root" brings the ancient knowledge of germination and growth. It illuminates and promotes "lighting the fuse" which celebrates ones own fireworks. This allows one to be wise and noble with full understanding of the process that lies ahead. Furthermore, one receives sufficient tranquility in the mind to assist in contemplating metaphors of the unknown. This mineral is one of the great goddess and the reinterpretation of the past. It melds with the masculine energy of protection and growth, as well as strength and power of the intellect. Prasiolite helps one to awaken from old restrictive patterns, express personal emotions and facilitate accuracy and power. This stone helps to balance all the chakras but with focus on the heart, crown, third eye and solar plexus. An excellent stone for supporting the physical heart in addition to aiding in digestion, stomach-acid imbalance, assimilation of nutrients and cellular nourishment. 

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