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Smokey Citrine - Tumbled

Smokey Citrine - Tumbled


Citrine - Citrine is very cleansing, promotes truthfulness and positivity. Citrine is a stone that brings personal power, manifestation and abundance.   Also raises ones energy levels, dispels exhaustion, and helps brings energy. Citrine never needs cleansing and dispels negativity in your environment.   It can also clean the chakras, particularly the sacral and solar plexus chakras. It helps to clear and align the subtle bodies and clear the aura. It is a stone of manifestation and abundance and attracts wealth, prosperity and success. It raises self-esteem and self-confidence and provides emotional balance. It helps to illuminate the dark areas of the self and provide self-acceptance and joy.   It can be used to clarify problems that exist between the intellect and the emotions. It can be used to dispel anger, stabilize the emotions and encourage a positive outlook on life. It is good for digestive disorders and to purify the blood.

Quartz, Smokey - This dark form of quartz is very well loved for its grounding capabilities while being able to raise your vibration at the same time.  This is particular useful in mediation and helps to raise your consciousness and stay present. It is very protective particularly against electromagnet frequencies and can dissolve negativity in all areas.  It generates a powerful force field around the user to create a protective barrier.  If you are looking to be more positive, this stone that can help you in all aspects such as eliminating pessimism and fear.  It can also be used to bring clear intellectual thought and intuition.  It enhances attentiveness, focus and concentration.  It enhances cooperation and communication in groups, particularly for business.  It also stimulates creativity and awareness and shrewdness is spending with regard to business.  It can work with any chakra, but it is particularly good for the root chakra and the areas of the physical body that correspond to the root chakra.

You will receive one similar to the photo. 

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