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Garnet- Tsavorite

Garnet- Tsavorite


Tsavorite garnet is a green powerhouse and form of grossular garnet, which also carries the name Tsavolith. Garnet generally is known to promote health due to its capabilities of transmitting all forms of negativity into a positive, beneficial state.

However, this unique crystal has a special gift it brings the user. It’s the stone of connecting and aligning totality with the divine self. If you desire to go the the core and beyond of your being, needing to know who you are, this stone will bring you there. In beginning this journey, you enter into a great mystery that allows an unfolding into great awareness and understanding of who, what and where you are; as well as where you belong. It brings you in contact with the great universe that’s you and deepens your knowledge of self in the most sacred way. You’ll not only transverse your human consciousness, yet also higher consciousness and personal, collective unconscious; as well as past, future lives and historical, familial tendencies. In addition, this mineral helps with contacting higher planes of existence and aids with the channeling and seeing of visions. It connects you with deities from current and ancient societies and always helps you come in contact with your own, divine nature. It’s great for deepening other psychic pursuits as it aids in telepathic communications. It can also activate a sense of self worth for those who struggle with this experience.


You will receive one similar to the photo.  Pink Heart Healing will select one for you.

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