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Sapphire, Yellow - Beaded Necklace

Sapphire, Yellow - Beaded Necklace


Yellow Sapphire - This stone aids in the manifestation of visions and wishes. It provides ideal vibration of the Third Chakra or Solar Plexus Chakra. Yellow Sapphire is a Fire element ally that carries the frequency of prosperity and success. It's an excellent stone for business and ensuring successful endeavors. It stimulates the mind and the will of one's self, allowing one to align one's actions with one's thoughts. This stone can help one see where perseverance is required to overcome obstacles, or where obstacles may be pointing to misalignment with Divine Will. Yellow Sapphire carries a joyful, exciting energy that helps one feel more positive about the possibilities of life. It aids in pushing one to take more risks, overcome procrastination, feel more brazen and express one's ideas and feelings in a playful, fearless manner. Lastly, it helps to balance the spleen, aid in digestive disorders, enhance sexual energy and provides excellent support for exercise and vitality. 

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